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May 17 is the 137th day of the year (138th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 228 days remaining until the end of the year.

1943: RAF raid smashes German dams
An audacious raid into the industrial heartland of Germany uses revolutionary bombs to flood the Ruhr valley.

1974: Bombs devastate Dublin and Monaghan
Four car bombs explode in the Irish capital, leaving at least 23 dead and more than 100 injured.

On May 17, 1954, the Supreme Court issued its landmark Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka ruling, which declared that racially segregated public schools were inherently unequal.
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On This Date
1792 The New York Stock Exchange was founded by brokers meeting under a tree on what is now Wall Street.
1829 John Jay, American statesman and the first chief justice of the Supreme Court, died at age 83.
1875 The first Kentucky Derby was run; the winner was Aristides.
1940 The Nazis occupied Brussels, Belgium, during World War II.
1946 President Harry S. Truman seized control of the nation's railroads, delaying a threatened strike by engineers and trainmen.
1971 The musical "Godspell" opened off-Broadway.
1973 The Senate began hearings into the Watergate scandal.
1980 Rioting that claimed 18 lives erupted in Miami's Liberty City neighborhood after an all-white jury in Tampa acquitted four former Miami police officers of fatally beating a black man.
1987 An Iraqi warplane attacked the U.S. Navy frigate Stark in the Persian Gulf, killing 37 American sailors. Iraq and the United States called the attack a mistake.
1992 Orchestra leader Lawrence Welk died at age 89.
1996 President Bill Clinton signed "Megan's Law," a measure requiring neighborhood notification when sex offenders move in.
1998 New York Yankees pitcher David Wells became the 13th player in modern major league baseball history to throw a perfect game in a 4-0 victory over the Minnesota Twins.
1999 Labor Party leader Ehud Barak unseated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israeli elections.
2000 Two former Ku Klux Klansmen were arrested on murder charges in the 1963 church bombing in Birmingham, Ala., that killed four black girls.

The Bro Romper Exists and I Don't Want to Live on This Planet Anymore

Last summer DNC Staffer Seth Rich was shot and killed in an upscale DC neighborhood. The police said it was an attempted robbery…but nothing was taken. At the time there were rumors that Rich was the person who gave Wikileaks the emails about the party fixing the primary process for Hillary Clinton, the emails that led to Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigning as party leader.


Javier Valdez knew he was living on borrowed time.
An award-winning reporter who had fearlessly chronicled Mexico's deadly drug trade, he remarked at his book launch last year that being a journalist "is like being on a blacklist". The government's promises of protection are next to worthless if the cartels decide they want you dead. As Valdez put it: "Even though you may have bullet-proofing and bodyguards, [the gangs] will decide what day they are going to kill you." The 50-year-old was dragged from his car and shot dead on Monday, in Culiacan city, Sinaloa, where he lived and worked.


Intel is reportedly readying to introduce a new lineup of desktop CPUs boasting a new high-end Core i9 CPU with 12 cores, TechCrunch reports. The unveiling could take place at COMPUTEX Taipei, an annual computer expo held May 30 to June 3.  With 12 cores and a power consumption of 140W, it is potentially the most powerful of its kind.  TechCrunch suggested that users will only be able to use it in a desktop computer, and that the price could climb to over $1,000 for the Core i9 CPU.

Ashton Bingham recently trolled a IRS scam-caller in expert fashion, in this video, filmed in Studio City, Los Angeles.
Playing along with the scammer for the majority of the call, it’s only towards the end of the conversation that Ashton reveals that he is well aware that the call is part of an elaborate ruse.


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