Sunday, May 8, 2016


emma mccormick2

Via Daily Mirror (UK): A university fresher who spent her first year partying has set up an online campaign asking for donations to clear her overdraft after she blew her entire student loan.
Emma McCormick spent the cash on alcohol , clubbing and trips to other cities, running up a thousand pounds worth of further debt . The 18-year-old, who won’t reveal the precise amount of what she owes, has only managed to raise £10 so far but says she remains optimisitc.
Emma, from Belfast, told The Tab: “I had been out on a night out with my flatmates and friends. And we realised we had spent around about £30. It wasn’t even that much, and we were in my flatmate’s bedroom and I checked my bank balance and I had gone into my overdraft quite badly.”
It was a general accumulation of everything – going out, alcohol, make up. Going to coffee shops, this that and the other. I was quite frivolous with spending money like any other student is.”

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