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The torrent of so-called “refugees” into Western welfare states from the Middle East and Africa may not contribute much economically or in terms of social cohesion, but it does enrich the vibrant multicultural tapestry by introducing exotic aspects of the world the immigrants are not so much leaving behind as bringing along. Among them is cutaneous leishmaniasis:

A disfiguring tropical disease is sweeping across the Middle East as a combination of heavy conflict and a breakdown of health care facilities in Isis-occupied areas leaves swathes of people vulnerable to the illness.

Cutaneous leishmaniasis is caused by a parasite in the blood stream transmitted through sand fly bites. The disease can result in horrible open sores as well as disfiguring skin lesions, nodules or papules.

Leishmaniasis has been endemic in Syria for centuries and was once commonly known as the “Aleppo evil”. However, as Syria’s civil war continues the resulting refugee crisis has triggered a catastrophic outbreak of the disease.

Research published on Thursday in the scientific journal PLOS has found the disease is now affecting hundreds of thousands of people living in refugee camps or trapped in conflict zones. A similar situation may also be unfolding in eastern Libya and Yemen.

“We’re seeing lots of diseases, including leishmaniasis in these conflict zones and we need to ring-fence them or risk another situation like Ebola out of the conflict zones in West Africa in 2014,” Peter Hotez, dean of the US National School of Tropical Medicine, US Science Envoy to the Middle East, and lead author of the PLOS research told the Digital Journal.


It's a two-way street!!!

Something we could learn from our brothers to the north!!
Jiggs McDonald, NHL Hall of Fame broadcaster speaking in Ontario , says:
"I am truly perplexed that so many of my friends are against another mosque being built in Toronto .  I think it should be the goal of every Canadian to be tolerant regardless of their religious beliefs.  Thus the mosque should be allowed, in an effort to promote tolerance."
 "That is why I also propose that two nightclubs be opened next door to the mosque; thereby promoting tolerance from within the mosque.  We could call one of the clubs, which would be gay, "The Turban Cowboy," and the other, a topless bar, would be called "You Mecca Me Hot."
 "Next door should be a butcher shop that specializes in pork, and adjacent to that an open-pit barbecue pork restaurant, called “Iraq of Ribs."
 “Across the street there could be a lingerie store called "Victoria Keeps Nothing Secret," with sexy mannequins in the window modeling the goods, and on the other side a liquor store called "Morehammered."
 "All of this would encourage Muslims to demonstrate the tolerance they demand of us.”
 Yes we should promote tolerance, and you can do your part by passing this on.  And if you are not laughing or smiling at this point...  It is either past your bedtime, or its midnight at the oasis and time to put your camel to bed.

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A 69-year-old illegal immigrant living in Phoenix, Ariz. has been busted for assuming the identity of a deceased veteran to get health and social security benefits over the last four years.

The value of those benefits was nearly $30,000.

According to ABC 15, Rene Ortiz Quintana assumed the identity of Ruben Gallardo, who has been dead since 1994.

Quintana, who has been in the U.S. for 50 years or so, was able to get an Arizona ID, a state health card and a VA choice card. The exact total of benefits doled out was $29,062.19.


Two Army Rangers, First Lt. Andrew Yacovone and First Lt. Justin Wright, who are deployed in Afghanistan also form a country music band called “Interstate 10″. While on deployment they wrote, recorded, and edited this music video.

Andrew began writing the song back in 2013 before the two even met, but after their unit lost soldiers during their first deployment, they say the song took on a whole new meaning.


Old Post Cards (Red Dog)

I received this in an email, no idea of the origin:

While being a "Helicopter Crew Chief Instructor" there, I'd go to Washington DC, with a few buddies almost every weekend.  We'd do the Smithsonian and all. On the way back to Ft. Eustis (125 miles), we'd often stop for something to eat.
One time, it was getting late.  We landed in Falls Church, VA.  We saw an old general store that was still open.  We walked around on the old creaky floors looking for Frito's or something?  I came across, an old wire frame post card holder.  It was full of WWII post cards ... penny a piece! I asked the guy, "How much do you want for the Post Cards?"  He said, "A penny.  They have been here ever since he was a kid." I counted them ... 300 plus.  I gave him $4.00, and I got the rack, too.
In San Diego, I sold a bunch for $1.00 each.  I still have a bunch to hand down. I know some of you are too young to recall these posters and WWII, but they were a part of my life and others who are now "older than dirt".  These are great.  Pass them along, especially to your older e-mail friends. I wonder whatever happened to this kind of thinking.
I got a lump in my throat when I read this.  I "grew up" thinking: patriotism, it is the AMERICAN way!  I am glad to see that somebody saved them.  The statement at the end says it all!

These were our parents.

What in God's name have we let happen ?

I guess we are the last generation to see, or even remember anything like these!

Whatever happened?

70 years of "progressive" education happened! Political correctness (or "re-education") happened,

Lack of God's name happened,

Lack of personal responsibility happened,

Lack of personal integrity and honesty happened,

Lack of respect and loyalty to our country happened,

Lack of being an American happened.

Did all of these things die along with common sense?

I for one am still proud to be an American!
Alton Steelman


Only a Marine would have you know what to do. Good for him.

Kudos to this Marine aviator!



Here is a video where a presidential helicopter pilot refused to let President Obama board until he honored the Marine. He walked right past the saluting marine and walked up the stairs. Then you see the pilot get out of his seat and meet him at the top of the stairs and tell him to go back down and acknowledge the marine. Of course, he doesn't salute, that's not in his Muslim DNA but at least he shakes his hand and the pilot them lets him board.


Image: Danish Co-Ed on College Gap Year Killing ISIS: They Are Very 'Easy to Kill'

A 23-year-old blonde European co-ed who dropped out of school to fight against the Islamic State says the jihadist militants "are very easy to kill."

According to the website Broadly, Joanna Palani, of Copenhagen, left college in the fall of 2014 to fight, first for the People's Protection Unit in Syria, known as the YPG, and then for the Peshmerga, the Western-trained and backed army of the Kurdish Regional Government.

"ISIS fighters are very easy to kill," she tells the site, adding that Syrian-trained fighters are a different story. "ISIS fighters are very good at sacrificing their own lives, but Assad’s soldiers are very well trained and they are specialist killing machines."

She tells the website she was used as a trainer mainly for younger, Kurdish fighters.

"The young girls are amazing — they are exhilarated after coming back from the front lines," she tells Broadly. "They are very brave, more brave than I could ever have been at their age."

Born in a refugee camp in Ramadi, Iraq, Palani moved to Copenhagen as a toddler; Broadly reports the Danish government refused to renew her passport when she returned on leave last year.

She subsequently returned to her studies in Denmark, where the government pays for her university education, but uses her Facebook page to recall her bond with Kurd fighters, 
and says she's disappointed she can't go back to the anti-ISIS fight.

Read more: Danish Co-Ed on College Gap Year Killing ISIS: They Are Very 'Easy to Kill'

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On his visit to meet with Communist leaders in Vietnam, Obama criticized the United States for having, “too much money in our politics, and rising economic inequality, racial bias in our criminal justice system.” He praised Ho Chi Minh’s evocation of the “American Declaration of Independence” and claimed that we had “shared ideals” with the murderous Communist dictator.
Shortly after the “evocation” that Obama praised, his beloved Ho was hard at work purging the opposition, political and religious. When Obama references these “shared ideals”, does he perhaps mean Ho’s declaration, “All who do not follow the line laid down by me will be broken.”
Perhaps he means the euphemistically named “land reform” which may have killed up to a million people. Like Stalin and Mao, Ho Chi Minh seized land and executed property owners as “enemies of the state”. The original plan had been to murder one in a thousand. But the relatively modest plan for mass murder was swiftly exceeded by the enthusiastic Communist death squads.   
Obama has consistently called for wealth redistribution. This is what it really looks like. It’s men being hung from trees or lying in dirt dying of malaria. It’s death squads coming in the night. It’s a declaration that you are to be executed because you are the wrong class in a class war. It’s a man condemned to hard labor in a New Economic Zone and a family starving to death because the regime has commanded that they must be made an example of to other peasants. FULL ARTICLE


Published on Feb 15, 2014
During the open forum at the University of Pennsylvania Ravi Zacharias and Nabeel Qureshi were asked:

"Why are you so afraid of subjective moral reasoning? Do you think we all are just going to start raping and pillaging just because we don't have a book telling us what to do? Are you afraid of that? I'm not because that's not what we are going to do. Yes, Nazis were bad but there were Christian Nazis and atheist Nazis. So I don't see... What are you so afraid of?"

To this Ravi quickly replied, "Do you lock your doors at night?" Watch his full response in the video above.

The full message and Q&A is available online here:


NBC political director Chuck Todd was able to land the first live interview with Hillary Clinton following the State Department inspector general’s report regarding her emails as Secretary of State.
At the conclusion of the interview, Todd determined that the “only logical reason” for the use of her private email system was to avoid federal records laws.

“She doesn’t have a good answer for these emails,” Todd said on air to his MSNBC counterpart Andrea Mitchell.



After being interviewed by the school administration, the prospective teacher said:

"Let me see if I've got this right.
You want me to go into that room with all those kids,
correct their disruptive behavior,
observe them for signs of abuse,
monitor their dress habits,
censor their T-shirt messages,
and instill in them a love for learning.
You want me to check their backpacks for weapons,
wage war on drugs and sexually transmitted diseases,
and raise their sense of self-esteem and personal pride.
You want me to teach them patriotism and good citizenship,
sportsmanship and fair play,
and how to register to vote,
balance a checkbook,
and apply for a job.
You want me to check their heads for lice,
recognize signs of antisocial behavior,
and make sure that they all pass the final exams.
You also want me to provide them with an equal education
regardless of their handicaps or race
and communicate regularly with their parents in
English, Zulu
or any other language,
by letter, telephone, newsletter,
and report card.
You want me to do all this with a piece of chalk,
a blackboard, a bulletin board,
a few books,
a big smile, and a starting salary
that qualifies me for food stamps.
You want me to do all this,
and then you tell me...



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ALL Of A Sudden....Seven Short Years Have
 Before Obama there was virtually no outlandish presence of Islam in America.
• All of a sudden, Islam is taught in schools. Christianity and the bible are banned in schools.
• All of a sudden we must allow prayer rugs everywhere and allow for Islamic prayer in schools, airports and businesses.
• All of a sudden we must stop serving pork in prisons.
• All of a sudden we are inundated with law suits by Muslims who are offended by American culture.
• All of a sudden we must allow burkas to be worn everywhere even though you have no idea who or what is covered up under them.
• All of a sudden Muslims are suing employers and refusing to do their jobs if they personally deem it conflicts with Sharia
• All of a sudden the Attorney General of the United States vows to prosecute anyone who engages in "anti-Muslim speech".
• All of a sudden, Jihadists who engage in terrorism and openly admit they acted in the name of Islam and ISIS, are emphatically
declared they are NOT Islamic by our leaders and/or their actions are determined NOT to be terrorism, but other nebulous terms like 'workplace violence."
• All of a sudden, it becomes Policy that Secular Middle East dictators that were benign or friendly to the West, must be replaced by Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood.
• All of a sudden our troops are withdrawn from Iraq and the middle east, giving rise to ISIS.
• All of a sudden, America has reduced its nuclear stockpiles to 1950 levels, as Obama's stated goal of a nuke-free America by
the time he leaves office continues uninterrupted.
• All of a sudden, a deal with Iran must be made at any cost, with a pathway to nuclear weapons and HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars handed over to fund their programs.
• All of a sudden America APOLOGIZES to Muslim states and sponsors of terror worldwide for acts of aggression, war and sabotage THEY perpetrate against our soldiers.
• All of a sudden, the American Navy is diminished to 1917 Pre-World War I levels of only 300 ships. The Army is at pre-1940 levels. The Air Force scraps 500 planes and planned to retire the use of the A-10 Thunderbolt close air support fighter.  A further draw down of another 40,000 military personnel is in progress.
• All of a sudden half of our aircraft carriers are recalled for maintenance by Obama rendering the Atlantic unguarded, NONE are in the Middle East.
• All of a sudden Obama has to empty Guantanamo Bay of captured Jihadists and let them loose in Jihad-friendly Islamic states.  He demands to close the facility.
• All of a sudden America will negotiate with terrorists and trade FIVE Taliban commanders for a deserter and Jihad sympathizer.
• All of a sudden there is no money for American poor, disabled veterans, jobless Americans, hungry Americans, or displaced Americans
but there is endless money for Obama's "Syrian refugee" resettlement programs.
• All of sudden there is an ammunition shortage in the USA.
• All of a sudden, the most important thing for Obama to do after a mass shooting by two Jihadists, is disarm American Citizens.
All of a sudden, the President of the United States cannot attend the Christian Funerals of a Supreme Court Justice and a former First Lady because of previous (seemingly unimportant) commitments.
 All of a sudden,
I’m sick to my stomach.  I’m not sure the majority of Americans recognize the seriousness of the situation and how much “progress” has been made by Islam these last 7 years, a very brief time compared to a 75 year lifetime!
If you agree, be strong enough to at least forward this to a few friends.

HOMETOWN BATTLEFIELD- especially for this holiday!


Matt Jones with Tracy Williams and 2 others.
March 15 ·

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A few days ago someone I don't know asked this question on Facebook and a mutual friend, knowing I am a Trump supporter, tagged me and asked me to answer it. Here was my reply:

I am a Trump supporter for several reasons. I believe that our country is at a critical tipping point and we don't have another presidential term to figure this out.

Health care costs are out of control, our labor participation rate is at a 50 year low, we have no borders, jobs are leaving by the thousands, the debt service on our national debt is nearing a point we cannot pay it.

The average person hasn't had an increase in pay in 12 years. Over half the black men in our country are out of work. We are more divided than I can ever remember and I'm 60 years old. We are at the brink of losing our country.

On top of that we spend money we don't have fighting wars we shouldn't be in, and cannot win. We pay over a hundred other countries billions of dollars a year and our military are the policemen for the world. We must fix this mess ASAP.

Now, before I give you my reasons, I need to share my perspective. I am an evangelical Christian but I don't believe it is the role of government to legislate morality. I am a service connected disabled veteran having served in the US Army as a paratrooper.

I started my second career as an auto mechanic and worked my way up to owning 12 auto repair franchises. I then sold them and began a new career in real estate, building my own company to over 150 agents.

Then in 2003 I invented a technology that put me on CNN and I began selling that software to real estate agents internationally. I've written 14 books, thousands of trade articles and have trained over 1,000,000 real estate agents in specific professional skills.

I've employed over a thousand people during that time, and until a month ago have been a registered democrat. Okay, now that you know where I'm coming from, here are my reasons:

First, his resume. Of everyone running for president, Trump is the only one who has ever employed anyone. He is the only one who has any experience in international trade. He is the only one who understands the impact of our tax laws and government regulation on companies and jobs.

Trump has made a fortune turning around failed companies. He's worked complicated deals all over the world, negotiating with governments, labor unions, and international financiers. These skills are not learned overnight and we don't have time for another life-long politician and attorney to get up to speed.

Second is his character. He is tough as nails. His children are pretty awesome. You can tell a lot about somebody by their kids. He is brutally honest as opposed to being politically correct. His employees and his ex-employees have nothing but praise for him. Even his ex-wives have nothing bad to say about him. Check it out.

Third is his success. He has built hundreds of successful businesses. One of his companies declared bankruptcy (chapter 11 or reorganization) four separate times before ultimately saving the company. All creditors were paid and jobs were saved. Bottom line is he is just a very good businessman.

Fourth is that he is a great negotiator. In fact, he wrote the book on negotiation -- The Art of the Deal, an international best-seller. If we are to save this country we need someone who can work with people of differing opinions. Congress is gridlocked. We need to work new trade agreements with other nations. We need to renegotiate treaties.

Fifth, Trump is a nationalist and not a globalist. He believes that our country comes first. We need to enforce our borders and the rule of law. He believes it is not our job to defend the whole world. He believes that if we do help countries with their defense, we should be paid for it.

Sixth, he has great instincts. He predicted the rise of Osama bin Laden. He predicted a terror attack on a major US city. He opposed the war in Iraq although every other candidate but Bernie Sanders was in favor of the war. He opposed it because it would destabilize the middle east. He got out of the gaming industry before it crashed. Great instincts.

Seventh, he is a natural leader. Even those who don't like him are following his lead. He has single-handedly set the agenda for this election cycle. He is respected internationally as well as in our nation. He oozes leadership.

Eighth, he is a great communicator and persuader. He is a master at using the media to advance his narrative. He totally understands the media. He built the most successful reality show in the history of television. These are skills he will need if he is to turn this country around.

Ninth, I have studied him. I read his first book in 1987 and realized he was a brilliant businessman. I've watched hundreds of hours of speeches, media interviews, read thousands of articles about him, several of his books, and studied his successes and his failures. He is the real deal. I challenge anyone to study him and not support him.

Finally, I have to look at what motivates him. Most politicians are motivated by money and/or power. Trump already has both. He has a history of being a patriot, from his military high school, to now. He has a huge ego, like every other candidate running. The difference is he is honest about his.

I think he sees our nation at a critical place and he knows that he has the unique skill set to fix the problems. If he does, he will go down in history as being one of the greatest presidents ever.

If you understand him, you know that his legacy is important to him (his name on all his buildings and companies). I even believe he is funding his own campaign so he won't owe favors or loyalties to special interests. When you evaluate his motivations you can't help but admire him.

I remembered one more reason. Everyone is about to blow a gasket over him. The establishment republican party hates him and has actually been actively trying to take down their own front runner. The establishment democrat party hates him because they know he will crush Hillary in the election, and the establishment media hates him because he totally controls the news cycle and they cannot control him. Even the donor class hates him because he cannot be bought. If all these people who I cannot stand hate him, that only makes me love him more.

You know who loves him? The regular people in this country. The ones who work their asses off every day and haven't had a pay raise in over a decade. The ones who pay the taxes and watch as their jobs get shipped overseas or across the border. The ones who see their property values going down because corrupt Big Banking blew up the housing market. The ones whose retirement is in jeopardy because social security has been raided and their 401Ks have been decimated by corrupt Wall Street.

So, again... there are my reasons. Today's primary election is probably the most important election in your lifetime. This is not an exaggeration. If you agree with me on any of these reasons, please get out today and vote and together we can Make America Great Again! ‪#‎DonaldJTrump‬


© Ina Fassbender
Islam must be taught in all German schools to help “immunize” pupils from radical leanings, Bavarian bishop of the Lutheran Church argues, calling on Muslim organizations to take responsibility for religious education.
Introduction of “extensive Islam classes” in all German schools would best safeguard young Muslims from“fundamentalists’ temptation” towards them, Head of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Germany (EFD), Bavarian Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm said, Heilbronne Stimme newspaper reported on Friday. 
Muslim schoolchildren must also have an opportunity to critically familiarize themselves with their religious traditions, the bishop believes.
“In the meantime, they can learn something new about Islam – and this is to be based on the Basic Law [the German Constitution],” he added.
Either the government or the religious communities should have a lead role in introducing Islam as a school subject, Bedford-Strohm said. “I wish that Muslims in Germany could have clear communication with the state. Then Islamic organizations may also take responsibility for the religious education in schools, like the Christian churches do.”
Public universities should establish Islamic theology faculties as well, the Bavarian bishop went on: “The Islamic tradition would therefore be approached critically based on scientific criteria.
“Tolerance, religious freedoms and freedom of consciousness must apply to all confessions. These rules could best be implemented when you have religion as part of public education.”
The bishop’s proposal adds to a heated debate on the role of Islam in German society, as the country struggles to find the right balance between multiculturalism and national identity. According to the latest statistical estimates, the number of Muslims is growing rapidly in Germany and beyond, with this process being fuelled by the ongoing refugee influx.