Thursday, May 26, 2016


Who are they? What are their affiliations?
PSL, the “Party for Socialism And Liberation” was handing out flyers for the protest. (Are you starting to see why they like Bernie, yet?) The language on the flyer wasn’t about “being heard” or anything like that at all. It was specifically worded “Shut It Down.” (Because Freedom of Association is a right guaranteed to them, but not guaranteed to anyone they disagree with.)
They’ve been firing off pellet guns and breaking windows. (Wait, weren’t these the gun-control guys?) They also threw projectiles and even firebombs at police. Some police were injured. (That “police brutality” though.) Police and even their horses were pelted with rocks and other projectiles. (And aren’t these protesters all about animal rights too?) Tear gas was eventually needed to break things up.
Where do these people even come from? I’m glad you asked. They are political mercenaries. You can use the word “astroturf” if you prefer.
They aren’t even going through much trouble to hide it. They are posting their affiliations right on those professionally-printed signs.  “PSLWeb” and “TheRedNation” were displayed prominently on the placards.
As for Red Nation, can you guess where their money comes from? If you guessed George Soros, you are correct!
So what do we have? Activist groups with Socialist affiliations, funded by foreign-born, extreme Leftist, political agitators who don’t mind destroying the entire economies of developing nations just to put more gold in the vault.
Besides the obvious question of, “why is it even legal for them to exert one ‘red cent’ of influence to an American political process?”

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