Wednesday, May 4, 2016


"What made Ted Cruz so special, among a field of candidates who were absurd in their own right?" your yet-to-be-born children may one day ask. You must tell them two things: his face, and his soul.
Mocking public figures usually reaches a point when it stops being fun, when cold guilt fills our bellies, and we reconcile with the fact that the target of our ire is only human. Rarely are we given a gift like Ted Cruz, a man so eminently despicable that no person could mount a defense of him. He is as despised by the right as he is by the left. In a way, he is a miracle, the single unifier of American conservatism and liberalism.
To celebrate his 13-month run — which has the pass and laughs of an episode ofAmerica's Funniest Home Videos — we've assembled an A to Z collection of Ted Cruz's finest moments on the campaign trail.

A is for "Aspirations"


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