Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I'm pretty sure this isn't what Barack Obama meant when he said we live in a post-racial America. This morning, I clicked on a story on CNN about 10 bodies being found in a house in Cleveland, and come to find out it was a black guy's house. The guy actually kinda looks like DMX, which, in retrospect, should have been the first sign that he wasn't quite right.
Parts of this article I found interesting:

1) These were probably all black chicks.
Five of the previously discovered victims were strangled, authorities said, while the sixth body was too decomposed to determine the cause of death. All six were African-American women, officials said.
Even when the perp is white, the vics are usually black chicks. No way he could have gotten to 10, if they were white.

2) This might be what happens to Dukie on The Wire.
Cleveland police Lt. Thomas Stacho has said Sowell has been making his living as a "scrapper."
"He walks around and picks up scrap metal and takes it to junkyards to make a few pennies," he said.
If only this guy had been introduced to heroin as a child.

3) He may have pulled a Jim Brown on a bitch.
Police initially went to Sowell's house Thursday to follow up on a rape accusation. A week earlier, neighbors reported seeing a naked woman fall from the second floor, but no charges were filed.
Nothing at all funny about this.

4) A sausage factory nearby came in handy. Nullus.
Neighbors had complained of a foul smell in the area, but some thought it came from a business that sold sausage.
How could it have been sausage, when sausage smells delicious?
5) Of course, he was a "freshout."
Sowell was convicted of a 1989 rape and was imprisoned from 1990 to 2005, police said. Since his release from prison, he was listed as living at the Cleveland home where the bodies were found, McGrath said. He was registered as a sex offender.


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