Monday, November 17, 2014

Muslim Invasion

EYES OPEN, PLEASE–Muslim Invasion and the West’s Denial

Much of Europe has finally awakened to the fact that Qaddafi’s prediction is coming true: Europe is being conquered without a shot being fired. Thanks to massive Muslim immigration to Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany and Holland, combined with much higher birth rates in those Muslim communities, Europe is effectively being taken over. Great Britain proudly says it embraces Sharia Law and the way things are going, France will be a Muslim country in a couple decades.
Listen to this Swedish member of parliament speak out about the destruction of his country.
European leaders decry the immigration-driven multiculturalism that is threatening traditional culture, and national sovereignty.
Muslims are now establishing Sharia zones, enforcing their law on native Europeans, and harassing people with violence.
Churches are being turned into mosques. 

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