Sunday, March 5, 2017


Here is the answer:
1. Erased all mentions on the White House website of “climate change.” He did that within ONE HOUR of taking the oath of office.
2. Issued an Executive Order to “ease the burden of Obamacare.” 

3. Returned the bust of Winston Churchill to the Oval Office.
4. Withdrew America from the TPP treaty.
5. Erased all Spanish language from the White House web site. It's now “English Only.”
6. Issued an Executive Order starting construction of “THE WALL.”
7. Issued an Executive Order banning funding to foreign pro-abortion groups.
8. The new Secretary of Defense, James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis (as the new Secretary of Defense), took the fight to ISIS by bombing them 31 times on his very first day.
9. Announced temporary immigration ban on refugees from Syria and Middle Eastern war zones.
10. Imposed a media blackout at the Environmental Protection Agency and barred staff from awarding new contracts or grants.
11. Announced a ban on visas from dangerous Muslim-majority countries with inadequate screening.
12. Announced the end of “sanctuary cities” and the defunding of federal funds for any city that chooses to continue breaking the law.
13. Announced the hiring of 10,000 new border agents.
14. Signed an Executive Order demanding the Secretary of Homeland Security publish a weekly list of violent crimes committed by illegal aliens.
15. Signed an Executive Order freezing the hiring of federal employees except the military.
16. Said out loud the words “radical Islamic terrorism.”
17. Stopped payment on Obama’s final hour giveaway of $220 million to the Palestinian Authority.
18. Used Executive Orders to give the go-ahead to the long-stalled Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines.
19. Got the State Department's entire senior management team to resign in frustration.
20. Announced his intention to withdraw from climate and environmental accords along with potential UN Funding Cuts of 40%.
21. Tweeted “Ungrateful TRAITOR Chelsea Manning (who should never have been released from prison) is now calling President Obama a weak leader. Terrible!”
22. Announced he will begin a major investigation into voter fraud in the 2016 election.
23. Got the chief of the Border Patrol to leave the agency in frustration at having to actually do his job
24. Got the State Department Arms Control chief fired while on airplane; Trump told him to turn around and fly back
25. Miami-Dade mayor orders jails to comply with Trump crackdown on ‘sanctuary’ counties
26. Trump White House abruptly halts Obamacare ads.
27. Appoints Neil Gorsuch to U.S. Supreme Court, as a justice in the mold of Antonin Scalia
28. Ordered Federal Agencies To Cut Two Regulations For Every New One They Propose
29. Reinstated The Mexico City Policy.
30. Pulled all Support for the Obama Drive to Force Women to Allow Men in Their Bathrooms
31. Instituted Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements
32. Direction to Expedite Environmental Reviews and Approvals for High-Profile Infrastructure Projects
33. Program to Enhance Public Safety in the Interior of the United States
34. Plan to Protect the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States
35. Imposes Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Appointees
36. Reduces Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs
37. Established Core Principles for Regulating the United States Financial System
38. Created a Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety
39. Program to Enforce Federal Law with Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking
40. Established initiative to Prevent Violence Against Federal, State, Tribal, and Local Enforcement Officers
41. Provided an Order of Succession Within the Department of Justice
42. Plan to Streamline Permitting and Reducing Regulatory Burdens for Domestic Manufacturing
43. Plan to Rebuild the US Armed Forces
44. Plan to Defeat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria

All this in less than one month in office.



We already know the lengths BHO and HRC will go to:

1. The President secretly weaponize the IRS against American free speech
2. The President secretly sends thousands of guns into a Mexican drug war
3. The President knowingly lies to Americans about doctors & health care
4. The President secretly spies on journalists (ask Fox’s James Rosen)
5. HRC & BHO would abandon Americans to a violent death in Benghazi & lie.
6. The President traded five terrorist leaders for a traitor/deserter

This list could be longer. It serves the purpose to show that the former President of the United States will engage in radical and illegal actions that kill Americans (Fast n Furious), take their rights (IRS), and put the country at risk.

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