Friday, June 10, 2016



Hillary Clinton stole the election out from underneath Bernie Sanders, and now she's trying to front like it's an important achievement. It's not an important achievement, though it's an oddly appropriate one, given how it came about.
First of all, as someone I probably saw on Democracy Now! (the Vlad TV for intellectual white people) pointed out, Hillary "winning" the nomination has minimal world-historical significance. Plenty of other countries have long since had female presidents–and not the wife of a guy who was president 20 years before who got caught getting a blowski from a zaftig Jew-broad with an Altoid in her mouth, on Easter no less, who was promised the presidency if she kept her mouth shut.
Hillary is coasting to the nomination thanks to black low-information voters in places like South Carolina (home of Charlamagne tha God), who fondly recall a time–in the 1990s–when fast food jobs were still plentiful and abundant. There were enough openings that, if it ever became necessary for you to curse someone out at White Castle, you could walk across the street and get a job at Subway. If/when Subway didn't work out, they might even hire you back at White Castle, if you were willing to work the nightshift.
She's yet to actually win the nomination on the basis of either pledged delegates or super delegates. Pledged delegates are the ones you actually win by getting more votes than the other guy. Super delegates are the ones they just give you if you're the establishment candidate, as part of a system put in place back in the late '80s-early '90s, when Jesse Jackson came dangerously to winning the nomination. The whole purpose of the system is to disenfranchise black people . . . which is something to keep in mind when you see these token black kids on MSM sites caping for Hillary, particularly with regard to the various scams she used to undermine Bernie Sanders.
Examples of which include the following:

Hillary Clinton winning the nomination is an important achievement for thieves, not women

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