Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cringe! Obama snubs Ireland prime minister’s handshake


John **** If Putin had visited Obama would have kissed his shillelagh.
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Beth **** We all know bama has no class. Glad someone is capturing it on TV. And now the big Mooch is going to Japan to meet w/Ambassador Carolyn Kennedy. What for?
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John **** A taxpayer paid vacation?
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Jack **** or free sushi,...
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John **** I think Ellen gives her all the sushi she wants.
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Jack **** Now that is funny....
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Beth **** There ya go John. Haven't seen the show but saw news clips.
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John **** She's been on Ellen a couple times( so to speak).
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Sheryl **** Irish prime minister looked miffed
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John **** Obama was probably miffed at the Irish PM because he dint address Obama as MY N****H.
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Roy Keith **** To Obama...the Irish are just clodhoppers...the muslims used to come up in their ships and take as slaves....Oh...I know you've heard St Patrick was Welsh...and was taken to Ireland first as a slave....but after a few years he escaped....God led him back to Ireland to minister to the people...
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