Monday, March 9, 2015


Ryan Jensen used security footage and his bank account to locate two thieves and a number of his belongings.
When it comes to Ryan Jensen's experience in the ring, he's got a pretty impressive track record.
He's a professional fighter who's been training for 22 years. He's an eight time UFC vet and serves as the owner-operator of Premier Combat Center.
Thursday night, he says, was like any other at his gym. That was - until he walked out the door.
Jensen says, "All the sudden, 30 minutes later, after I get showered and cleaned up, I come out, and my trunk is wide open, and everything is ransacked and gone."
He quickly pulled up surveillance video and saw his suspects - one male, one female, in a dark colored vehicle - which, according to a police report, was stolen.
When Jensen checked his bank account, he had his answer.
A nearby Walmart is where the last transaction with Jensen's credit card, was made. So, that's exactly where Jensen went.
He says, "We ended up finding them and the guy was sitting in the front seat. I ended up coming in and blocking the car in. Once I blocked the car in, I got out of the car, knocked on the window and was like, 'Hey, you've got all my stuff. Cops are on their way. You're not going anywhere.'"
From there, Jensen says the male, identified by police as 30 year-old, Michael Stafford, took off running into the store.
Jensen recalls, "I was tailing him and kind of yelling, "Thieves! This guy stole all my stuff! Where's the security? Where's the police?"
Turns out, they weren't far behind.
Jensen says, "I mean, it was on the ground, put them down, handcuffed them, they did everything - crime lab came out."
Police arrested Stafford and 30 year-old, Cassandra Preister. Both are now facing a slew of charges, including theft and use of a stolen credit card.
Jensen says he's happy with the way things turned out.
"I definitely could have reacted way differently in that situation, especially with my background."
But he adds the two thieves certainly chose the wrong guy to mess with.


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