Tuesday, October 4, 2016


The situation is getting ugly in the aftermath of Angela Merkel fundamentally transforming her country by importing over a million largely unassimilable Muslim colonists last year alone. Angry right-wingers have gone so far as to make moonbats cry:

Leftist politicians were jeered by far-right protesters and called “traitors to the people” outside of the Church of Our Lady in Dresden where Merkel and others were gathered to celebrate the “German Day of Unity.”

Hundreds of anti-immigration PEGIDA protesters showed unity Monday in demand Merkel “get out” and be ousted from her position as Chancellor. Other leftist politicians like Claudia Roth where called a “disgrace to the country” and told “your goal is the eradication of Germans!” …

According to Deutsche Welle, “the wife of Saxony’s economy minister broke down in tears.”

German tears will flow like the Rhine when the full damage Merkel and her fellow moonbats have wrought unfolds.

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