Thursday, October 6, 2016


In an important scoop in Sunday’s Post, Isabel Vincent and Melissa Klein revealed a host of bombshells from internal emails at Platte River Networks, the company that managed Hillary Clinton’s private email servers after she left the State Department.
Computers from China and Russia tried to attack Hillary Clinton’s private email server, according to never-released emails from the Denver company that set up and maintained the system.
And other internal emails show the IT executives fretted about being ordered to purge emails and scrambled to distance themselves from what they believed was the former first lady “covering up some shaddy [shady] s- -t.”
In a gallows-humor message, one called it “Hillary’s coverup operation.”

Among the many eye-openers from the Vincent-Klein review of internal Platte communications:
  • The server suffered at least one hacking attempt from a Russia-based computer in 2013, and three from China-based PCs in 2014.
  •  When news broke of Clinton’s mass deletions of old emails, Platte execs worried about being implicated in what they believed was her “covering up some shaddy [shady] s - - t.” One even called it “Hillary’s coverup operation.”
  •  The IT folks later sought to “cover our asses.” On Aug. 19, 2015, Platte IT consultant Bill Thornton wrote colleagues: “Any chance you found an old email with their directives to cut the backups back in Oct‐-Feb? . . . If we had that email, we are golden.”
  •  Thornton’s other damage-control idea: “Wondering how we can sneak an email in now after the fact asking them when they told us to cut the backups and have them confirm it for our records.”
Thornton and fellow Platte specialist Paul Combetta refused to answer questions from the House Oversight and Reform Committee this month. Their presumed reason for pleading the Fifth: They’d deleted Clinton archives in March 2015 even though they were fully aware of a court order and congressional subpoena to preserve all Hillary’s records.

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