Thursday, October 20, 2016


Trump's locker room talk
I don't know who wrote this and if you do, please tell me. It is brilliant!!!


Eleven years ago Donald Trump was taped using vulgarity and boasting, like many playboys and locker room machos, about his prowess with women. Disgusting? Sure…but spare me the high dudgeon elicited by strategic release of those tapes, just as Wikileaks revealed more chicanery by Clinton.

Even some conservatives have joined the caterwauling declaring that this is proof positive that Trump is not “presidential.” Presidential??? That bar was lowered decades ago.

Was it presidential when John Kennedy invited Mafia molls to the White House for a roll in the hay? 

Was it presidential when he and his brother, Triborough Fitzgerald  Kennedy, shared the sexual favors of a pathetic movie star?

Was it presidential when his successor, Lyndon Johnson- purveyor of the ruinous entitlement scam known as “The Great Society” showed his class in conducting press conferences from the toilet?

Was it presidential when Bill Clinton used government employees to find him sex partners? 

Or how about his encouragement of a besotted intern to become his er….private server…in the oval office?

Ted Kennedy had the gall to attempt a run for the White House and did anyone question whether it was presidential to back off a bridge into water and permit his passenger to drown while he swam away and tried to convince his cousin to take the rap? 

And Kennedy’s friend Chris Dodd also tried to get into the race for the White House even after he and Kennedy squeezed a waitress between them and fondled her in a sordid incident that begat the name “the Dodd-Kennedy sandwich. Did anyone say that Dodd was not presidential?

And finally, is it presidential for Obama to invite rappers to the White House who extol the murder of policemen and call women bitches and Blacks “niggas?” One was named “Common” and his poem includes: “They watching me, I’m watching them” Them dick boys got a lock of c*** in them.”

The most recent presidential invite was in January 2016 when Kendrick Lamar met with President Obama in the Oval Office on Monday. Lamar’s “To Pimp a Butterfly” album shows a group of Black men in front of the White House holding champagne bottles and hundred-dollar bills on top of the dead body of a white judge. Obama has said the rapper’s “How Much a Dollar Cost” which is on that album was his favorite song of 2015. That’s presidential?????

Dumping on Trump is stumping for Hillary and that is truly deplorable.

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