Tuesday, October 4, 2016


A young European woman named Aida Bolevar was recently traveling by train from Budapest, Hungary, to Vienna, Austria, when she encountered what can only be described as a migrant horde crowding the trains and train stations.
Little did the throng of Muslims know, Bolevar is fluent in Arabic, having spent more than five years living in the Middle East studying the language and the Koran. She understood much of what the mass of Muslim men were saying.
Bolevar described the mass of people gathered at the train station in Budapest as filthy, angry and loud. They reportedly attempted to block her entrance into the station and steal her luggage as well.
Suffering a host of insults hurled her direction, she waited for the train among the mass of people, of which she estimates 90 percent were healthy fighting-age men, while witnessing people defecate in public, fight among each other and beat their women and children.
As she struggled to enter the train with the handful of other ticket holders, she described men grabbing random children and using them as shields to force their way to the front of the crowd.
Once on the train, she experienced a moment of peace, before suddenly a mass of migrants forced their way onto the train car, fighting with each other and saying awful things.
Bolevar alleges that the men then began talking about whether or not they should rob the passengers on the train and rape her, which would be pleasing to Allah, as they were infidels, especially her, for not being dressed properly in a hijab.
Once the train finally stopped, Bolevar and the other paying passengers had to force their way through the crowd to exit the train car, protecting their luggage from grabbing hands, while some of the men discussed taking them as hostages.
She described the station as being under siege, with the throng of mostly men turning down offerings of foodwhile demanding money.
In her opinion, these Muslim migrants have no interest in learning the language or a trade, assimilating with European culture, or becoming productive citizens. They are instead focused solely on leeching off of the welfare state and waging jihad.

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