Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Police involved shooting - won't see this on the news!


 She is lucky he was close enough behind to yank him back before he got a point blank round into her / and did she have to scream like a little girl / it looked like for a minute the guy thought "I think I just F'd up"  - he had a couple of seconds with his back turned to drop the gun the put his hands up instead of turning around a pointing the gun at the officer.

It's a video from an officer worn body camera. 
It takes place in a restaurant where the male officer wearing the camera approaches a theft suspect 
in the restroom of the restaurant and asks him to step outside.
The male officer leads the suspect outside while a female officer escorts the suspect from behind.
O nce outside, the suspect pulls a gun and the male officer does what he is trained to do. 
Nice shooting. Police involved shooting - you won't see this on the news .
This is just what our survival shooting instructors taught us to do 30+ years Ago, you shoot and you keep shooting until you have neutralized the threat.
Timed...and he gets off 13 shots in five seconds, hand as steady as a rock!
12 of the shots hit the perp!
This shows the value of officer worn video cameras.
This video shows just how fast it can happen out there.
The female officer never got a round off.
If you don't want to see a perp getting what is coming to him, don't watch.
It's a Glock doing what a Glock is designed to do! 

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