Monday, March 14, 2016


second amendment

A masked customer attacked a Burien (Washington) 7-Eleven clerk Sunday morning with a hatchet, slicing the clerk’s stomach. Police say another customer pulled out a gun and shot and killed the attacker , as reported by KIRO7 News.
The good Samaritan had been sitting in the store, drinking his regular morning coffee.
Kuldeep Singh, a clerk at the store, received a gash to his stomach but is OK. Asked if the suspect hit him, Singh said, “Yes, yes, two three times in here,” pointing to his stomach.
Sinhg was working when King County sheriff’s deputies say a man with a mask on and a hatchet for wood-cutting walked into the store and, without a word, started swinging the hatchet, hitting the clerk.
“This could have been disastrous,” said Sgt. Cindi West. It wasn’t — thanks to a customer who deputies say was also attacked while drinking coffee near the register.
The 60-year-old is a regular customer and a licensed concealed gun carrier, according to the sheriff’s office. He took out his pistol and shot the suspect, said West. Medics weren’t able to revive the suspect.
“Had this [customer] not shot, who knows what would’ve happened. We might have a dead clerk right now and instead we have a dead bad guy,” said West.
Singh said he thought the suspect was going to kill him. He said he is happy. Singh’s friend, who also works at a nearby convenience store, called the customer who shot the suspect ‘a good guy.’

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