Friday, March 11, 2016

A handful of useless idiots have torn down a university

A handful of useless idiots have torn down a university. 
The fallout from the fake Mizzou protests continues to destabilize the University of Missouri. [Wednesday] the interim chancellor of the university emailed students that the university will enroll 1500 less students than projected and faces a budget shortfall of $32 million this year.
While the 1500 fewer students aren’t broken out by year, the vast majority of them will come from the entering freshman class. How substantial is the decline in enrollment? Based on Mizzou admission data from past years we’re talking about a potential 20% drop in enrolled freshmen.
Alumni probably are not feeling generous enough to make up the shortfall, considering what the school has degenerated into. Some have been pulling their donation pledges in disgust.
As a current student noted, a degree from Mizzou is not worth much now that the school has allowed itself to be reduced to a laughing stock in the name of political correctness.
University of Missouri in now limping along in emergency mode. If this lasts, it will have to downsize itself into a community college. But at least it has a social justice warrior interim president who presumably earns the approval of the Black Lives Matter protesters, who can now go back to their remedial reading classes until the next time they dream up a ludicrous pretext to turn what’s left of the school upside down.

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