Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Dog loves you more than itself

Fiona MacRae reports for the Daily Mail, May 1, 2016, that an Australian study found that the bond between humans and dogs is so strong that their hearts beat in sync.
The researchers separated three dogs from their owners, strapped heart monitors on people and dogs, then measured what happened when they were reunited.
At first, doggy and human heart rates quickly fell, but then began to mirror each other. Despite beating at different rates, they followed the same pattern, with each dog’s heart rising and falling in tandem with its human’s.
Cobb’s colleague Dr. Craig Duncan, said: “Stress is a major killer in today’s society and, as we get busier and busier, it is something that is really important for us to try to help with. The Hearts Aligned project aims to show how pet ownership can help us positively deal with the stressors of everyday life.”

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