Monday, July 25, 2016


These ridiculous and antiquated people want to conquer and kill us and we’re told to not point that out.
Back in the day, our news sources, military leaders and politicians wouldn’t mince words about Nazis, or Stalin’s thugs, or Japan’s shiitake; but God forbid that we should say that Islam spawns terrorism more than fried eggs and bean dip make Gwenyth Paltrow gassy.
Yep, one of the most egregious forms of effeminization, and one that yields up the most ubiquitous examples, especially during Obama’s reign of terror as Pussy-In-Chief, is the politically correct fetal position the “media”, and especially liberal politicians, take when discussing bat-crap crazy Islam. It’s pathetic.

Here’s how lame some men have become when facing Muslim Mayhem at home and abroad. I grabbed these headlines from my website Check it out:

• Brits Cancel Mohammad Cartoon Exhibit Because It’s Too Offensive

• UK Pool to Ban Bikinis and ‘Islamically Inappropriate Swimwear’

• US Embassy Removes July 4 Celebration Out of ‘Respect for Islam’

• NYT Whines About How Our Bad-Ass SEAL Team 6 Kills Terrorists

• NYT Says, Chris Kyle ‘Insane’– Bruce Jenner ‘Courageous’

• College Students Demand That American Sniper be banned from Campus Because It’s Too Offensive.

As Col. Ralph Peters famously said, “My God, ISIS is taking over the Middle East, and our President can’t even say Islamist Terror.”

Daily, I see the most “You-gotta-be-kidding-me” excuses made, and cover given for, Muslim rapes and violence in Europe. It’s disgusting and it’s turned deadly in Sweden and Paris all via the intentional kissing of Islamic butt.
Personally, I think Europe is done. Their culture has become too PC and the invasion of Islam now too expansive for them to recover.

Finally, Leftists and Islam need you to be cowardly, docile and house-trained. They must eradicate a man’s masculinity in order for their evil machinations to thrive; and they’re doing a good job of making males spineless weasels aplenty… a society of frightened men.


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