Monday, November 21, 2016


Jedi Knight We aren't a Democracy anyway!
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JamesA Based on the couple clips I saw on the news this morning from the American Music Awards... celebrities are really struggling with this election. Their behavior makes it hard to have empathy, I've pretty much just moved on to mocking.
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Jedi Knight Most of them are completely out of touch with reality.
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Jedi Knight These people are stuck in adolescence and their brains never developed past that point. These elites have lost grip with the American people.
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Jedi Knight No wonder they're down 600K viewers from last year.
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JamesA They live in an alternate reality.
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DickC By about age 10, I clearly understood the difference between a Republic and a Democracy. There are positives and negatives about both, but it's important that you UNDERSTAND THE RULES if you want to play.
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NettieB Have you read about his time spent in an American internment camp?
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Jedi Knight Yes, read about that. Until he was like 8.
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ThomasJV Interesting that all that internment stuff was imposed by FDR, a Democrat. Just sayin

DougF He was born in the US. He's not an immigrant, but he was incarcerated simply because of his skin color. Perhaps you are the one who has some learning to do.
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Jedi Knight I know he was born in the US and not an immigrant but he was not incarcerated because of his skin color. That's a pretty ignorant thing to say.
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LindsayBW THIS!! ^^^ This was for Doug's post - NOT John's!!
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DougF Jedi Knight Ignorant? Care to explain why he was incarcerated as a child then?
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LindsayBW John, how can any part of that be OK with you??????
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Jedi Knight LindsayBW Why would you think it is?
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Jedi Knight DougF Because he was Japanese.- nothing to do with skin color.
*** · 51 mins

LindsayBW He wasn't Japanese he was AMERICAN!!!
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DougF He is not and never has been an Japanese citizen.
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LindsayBW This is not splitting hairs, this is FACT.
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Jedi Knight Who said he was a Japanese citizen??? YOU PEOPLE!!!
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DougF Jedi Knight You just did.
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LindsayBW " Because he was Japanese" - you did.
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Jedi Knight Nope, I never said he was a citizen of Japan.
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DougF Then you are demonstrating your ignorance. "Japanese" is a nationality, it's defined by citizenship. Takei does not and never had Japanese citizenship, he is not Japanese, he is an American.
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Jedi Knight You people are stuck in adolescence and your brains never developed past that point. I don't know how you function in life without being able to make accurate statements or follow a conversation. Japanese is also an ethnicity. If you are a Caucasian doesn't mean you are a citizen of the Caucus Mountains. That would be ignorance.
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DougF And now the Ad Hominem attack and overt racism. Yet somehow you are certain of your superiority.


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