Thursday, November 24, 2016


Forty doctors, in under a year, have inexplicably died.  Yet another doctor, Dr. Clogston, vanished on March 15th, was seen by a close friend five days later and then dead in his vehicle weeks later. Yet, this is not suspicious according to the police.
Dr. Curtis Clogstin co-authored a book on acupuncture and the medical director at a clinic in San Marcos, where they used holistic medical practices on the patients.
His wife and children reported his disappearance on March 15.  His flipped Mini Cooper was found almost 50 miles from San Marcos in Boerne, TX.  The family is hiring a private investigator as they must think the findings of the Kendal County, who don’t suspect foul play, suspicious. An autopsy has been requested.
One would think the media would at least find the great number of holistic doctor deaths, 40 in less than a year, worth looking into, yet crickets…
Health Nut News says that they held off on reporting Dr. Curtis Clogston’s death until now.
We sat on this story for awhile but finally realized that given the book on acupuncture that Dr. Clogstin co-authored and the fact that his LinkedIn profile states his San Marcos clinic, where he was the medical director, uses “innovative services including acupuncture and EEG biofeedback (neurofeedback)” as well as “functional testing (an integrative medical approach that aligns with many of the principles of Ayurvedicmedicine)”, it seemed that he, sadly, belonged with our group of holistic doctors who have tragically died, many of suspicious causes.
His wife of three years, Danica MacRae, knew something was wrong when his office said he hadn’t been in since Monday, the last day she spoke to him. That Monday, while on her way home from a trip to New Mexico, they spoke and he informed her that he’d had a case of food poisoning, and went home early that day.  He had allegedly been in the car, on his alleged USUAL route, for weeks.
We have asked the question before, “Who is killing all the doctors?”
First, we have the poisoning of dozens of doctors in Germany.  A new report has come forward from Germany where an entire group of 29 alternative and homeopathicpractitioners were poisoned with a synthetically-produced psychedelic drug while attending a conference.
June 19th – Dr. Bradstreet (well known for his work and research on Autism) found dead in a river with a gunshot wound to his chest in North Carolina. Self-inflicted?
June 21st – Dr. Hedendal and Dr. Holt found dead on the East coast of Florida. Dr. Hedendal died in his car and  Dr. Holt’s death has yet to be determined.
June 29th – Dr. Theresa Sievers found murdered in her home. Dr. Jeffrey Whiteside goes missing. Reports say he just “walked away.”
July 10th – Lisa Riley found in her home with a gunshot wound to her head.
July 19th – Dr. Ron Schwartz found murdered in his home on the East Coast of Florida.
July 21st – Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez died as a result of a cardiac related issue.
July 23rd – Dr. Jeffery Whiteside is found dead in Door County with a .22 caliber close to his body.
Although the timing and similarity of these deaths could be coincidental, authorities are not ruling out a possible link, particularly considering five of the eight were found in Florida. These doctors have left behind family, friends, and patients who trusted and respected them.
Dr. Block, the 13th dead doctor.  All the doctors who have died have had the FDA agents come into their practices prior to their to deaths two investigate their connection with a breakthrough cure for autism and cancer.
Dr. Venoitte becomes the fourteenth dead doctor.  “Her body, partially decomposed, was found just days ago and buried in a makeshift grave near a small dirt road on the south end of the island. Last seen on Sunday, Dec. 6., Dr. Veinotte, “left the house at 8 a.m., wearing green running shorts, a purple tank top and her Adidas, with the family dog, Nico, in tow.” She was to go for a jog around a well-known residential community, but instead residents later reported hearing tires belonging to a dark-colored SUV screech, and a loud thump. Their dog was discovered bleeding at the scene, but Dr. Veinotte was nowhere to be found.”
Dr. Han, the fifteenth dead doctor. The newest member of this murderous trend is Dr. Hahn, a respected and well-loved physician in Santa Barbara.  He had an “impressive background in both Chinese herbal medicine and in Western medicine. We have yet to verify if he too was working with GcMAF. 

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