Saturday, December 6, 2014


Saturday, December 06, 2014

La: Duck Hunters Stop Home Invasion, Attempted Kidnapping

As the husband began to fight off the stranger, the woman called for help in the backyard from her son and his friends, who had just returned from duck hunting, Webre said.

Together, four men — family members and friends — held the man at gunpoint on his stomach in the living room until deputies arrived; the stranger, Chad Babin, 46, 14450 L. Keller Road, St. Amant, was struck in the head by a gun by one of the homeowners in the struggle, Webre said.

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WA: Man Pulls Pistol on Mail Thieves

The man told officers that he had seen the two suspects take mail out of his neighbor’s mailbox and went to confront them, Kapp said.

The two suspects then approached the man, described as older and having disabilities. The man felt threatened, pulled his weapon (for which he has a concealed weapon permit) and told them to put the mail back, Kapp said.

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GA: Resident shoots intruder who kicked in door

Officials said the burglary suspect rang the home’s doorbell several times. When he got no response, he kicked in the front door and went in. It was inside where he came across the resident, who fired one shot, hitting the intruder in the head.


 Gurley said police in and around Brookhaven have been seeing numerous incidents similar to Wednesday’s break-in attempt in recent weeks.

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NM: Girl Shoots Mountain Lion in Self Defense (details)

Photographs supplied by Valerie Caldwell.

Alyssa Caldwell and her father had been hunting all day.   The weather had been nasty; cloudy skies with snow and rain alternating.   They had seen a few elk, much too far away to take a shot.   They left their makeshift blind to see if they could spot another elk before the end of the day.   It was the middle of the afternoon.

At 12, Alyssa was already an experienced huntress.   She had started shooting at 5, and had a new rifle, a stainless Howa 1500, as her elk gun.  They had only gone a few hundred yards when her father remembered that he had left the shooting sticks back at the blind.  He told Alyssa to wait while he went back to retrieve them.  It sounds like the start of a horror movie.   A young blond girl, left alone in the wilderness by circumstance, the weather cloudy and rainy and cold, darkness only a couple of hours away.

Less than a minute later, she saw it.  A cat.  A big cat, stalking her, only a car length away.   The cat crouched, ready to spring.   Alyssa shouldered the rifle and fired point blank.  It was too close to use the scope.  She worked the bolt, ready to fire again.   One shot from the 30-06 had been enough.  The 165 grain Accubond Nosler projectile had skinned the cheek, hitting the lion facing her at the junction of neck and shoulder, traveling the length of its body, killing it instantly.  From Alyssa:
"I saw him first," Alyssa said.  "I didn't hear him or see him until he was really close.  I didn't know exactly what it was but I knew it wasn't a bobcat.  I raised my gun when he crouched down.


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