Monday, December 8, 2014


Human foetus cells injected into baby mice to create ‘supermouse’

A 'supermouse' which is four times smarter than normal mice has been created by scientists by an injection of human brain cells

'Maternal gene' identified in mice
Human astrocytes are 20 times the size of those in mice and have 100 times the number of tendrils Photo: ALAMY
The cells from a human foetus have been injected into baby mice to create animals which have brains that are half human.
Researchers at the University of Rochester Medical said it was like ‘ramping up the power’ of the mouse brain, because human cells are so much more advanced.
They found that mice with the human brain cells had memories that were four times better than their siblings who did not have the injections.
“We can say they were significantly smarter than control mice,” said lead researcher Professor Steve Goldman told New Scientist magazine.

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