Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Published on Jun 12, 2014
A major challenge facing enterprises of all sizes is coping with--and deriving value from--the exploding volume and velocity of information. This explosion of data--from traditional and new sources such as sensors and social media--is pushing the limits of scale and performance within today's datacenter. Equally important is the challenge of deriving insight from the data. HP Labs believes that enterprises are only getting a fraction of the insights available--a trend they believe is only going to get worse.

Martin Fink, EVP and HP CTO, will discuss his vision of how today's compute technology must evolve in order to meet the future needs of your enterprise. HP Labs is developing a powerful, distributed successor to today's computing architecture that will be able to ingest and extract value from vast datasets locally using very little energy. HP Labs is rethinking what computing means, and this revolution will transform every aspect of your business from physical infrastructure to analytics to content delivery. Learn more at http://www.hpl.hp.com

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