Tuesday, August 9, 2016

12yo Christian girl burned alive by ISIS

Christian girl burned alive by ISIS told her mother to forgive them as she lay dying in her arms

  • Christian woman delayed paying religious tax to ISIS in Mosul
  • ISIS punished her by setting the home on fire with daughter inside
  • Her daughter, 12, suffered severe burns and later died in hospital  
The girl's mother revealed her daughter's dying wish as she spoke of ISIS's brutal reign of terror in the Iraqi city and the oppression suffered by Christians in the area.
Jihadi fighters had come to claim a religious tax from the girl's mother, paid by all non-Muslims in ISIS-controlled areas, but when the mother delayed in paying, they burned down the family home.

The U.S. Defense Department had previously estimated that ISIS fighters had lost control of about 40 per cent of the territory they claimed in Iraq and about ten per cent of the land they held in Syria.
Those tallies had gone up in recent weeks, Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said.
'The number right now in Iraq is about 45 per cent of the territory they once held has been recovered,' Cook said.
'The number in Syria is anywhere between 16 to 20 per cent.'
ISIS stormed across large parts of Iraq and Syria in early 2014, meeting little resistance from Iraqi security forces and exploiting the chaos in civil-war-torn Syria.
Since August 2014, the United States has led an international coalition fighting back against the IS group, using a combination of air strikes and training and equipping local partners.
ISIS has now lost control of Ramadi and Heet in Iraq, but still control other important cities including Mosul and Fallujah.
In Syria, the group maintains control of Raqqa, the capital of their so-called 'caliphate'. 

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