Saturday, August 20, 2016

Police Weep & Vomit

A French government committee recently heard about the horrific suffering hostages underwent that was so gruesome an investigating officer burst into tears and vomited.

In the same week as the Nice terrorist attack, a French government committee released a report that was suppressed by the French Parliament regarding the horrific and gruesome torture of Bataclan hostages during the November 2015 Paris terrorist attacks. Officials suspected that some torture was involved, but the gory details that were only recently divulged were too heinous even for some of the authorities.
Fox News reports that the French Parliament heard that the jihadists who took hostages at the Bataclan tortured their victims on the second floor of the club by gouging out their eyes, castrating male victims, and shoving their severed testicles into their mouths while they were still alive. Female victims also had their genitals mutilated and others were also reportedly disemboweled and horribly disfigured.
The investigator testified that a fellow investigating officer had tears streaming down his face as he ran out of the Bataclan and vomited right in front of him. The officer was traumatized at the condition in which the mutilated bodies were left, according to Heat Street.

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