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Mia Marie Pope- says she knew Obama in high school as a lowlife druggie foreign student


I need your help in finding this person Mia Marie Pope, who claims to have known Obama whe he was 16 and claims to have info on his fraudulent use of Social Security numbers

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This interview at link was posted by Reverend Manning
This woman, Mia Marie Pope, claims to have known Obama when he was about 16 years old and lived in HI. She claims that he snorted cocaine at a time, which we knew already and he himself  admitted to taking drugs as a youth.
She states that he went by the last name Soetoro. Well, this is possible, as in his school records from Indonesia he was listed as Soetoro. She states that he was known as gay at a time. This maybe true, a large number of politicians are closet gay or bisexials, a number of individuals came out with the same info, however this does not disqualify him from being the U.S. Pres.

The only thing that caught my attention as something that might be valid from a legal point of view, is the fact  that she alleges that she repeatedly contacted the FBI in regards to Obama’s use of invalid Social Security numbers and did not get a response. If you have her contact information, please, forward it to me, I would like to see what information did she forward to the FBI.

I, personally, went to FBI in a number of states. I was told by a number of agents in local offices that they were told not to investigate anything relating to Obama, but to put all evidence in a big manila envelope an d send to the headquarters in DC. I am sure Robert Mueller and Eric Holder promptly filed all the evidence in the circular file.


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