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14 Years Ago A Plane Was Diverted To Canada On 9/11

When we landed, we saw that there were already about 20 other airplanes on the ground from all over the world.  After we parked on the ramp, the captain announced the little bit we knew about the situation in the U.S. There were loud gasps and stares of disbelief. 
Gander control told us to stay put. No one was allowed to get off the aircraft. No one on the ground was allowed to come near the aircrafts. 
Gander ended up with 53 airplanes from all over the world, 27 of which were flying U.S. flags.
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Our 218 passengers ended up in a town called Lewisporte, a while away from Gander. They were put in a high school. 
If any women wanted to be in a women-only facility, that was arranged. Families were kept together. All the elderly passengers were taken to private homes. A young pregnant lady was put up in a private home right across the street from a 24-hour urgent care facility. 
Gander had promised us any and all medical attention if needed; medicine, water, and lavatory servicing.
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The locals were so friendly and they just knew that we were the “plane people.” 
We found out that Gander and the surrounding small communities had closed all the high schools, meeting halls, lodges, and any other large gathering places. They converted all these facilities to a mass lodging area. 
Some had cots set up, some had mats with sleeping bags and pillows set up. ALL the high school students HAD to volunteer taking care of the “guests.”
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During the day, the passengers were taken on “excursion trips.” Some people went on boat cruises on the lakes and harbors. Some went to see the local forests. 
Local bakeries stayed open to make fresh bread for the guests. Food was prepared by all the residents and brought to the school. Others were driven to the eatery of their choice and were fed. 
They were given tokens to go to the local Laundromat to wash their clothes, since their luggage was still on the aircraft. Every single need was met for those unfortunate travelers.
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When it came time for the passengers to fly back to Atlanta, it was like they had been on a cruise. Everybody knew everybody else by their name. They were swapping stories of their stay.
Our flight back to Atlanta looked like a party flight. The passengers were exchanging phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses.
And then a strange thing happened. One of our business class passengers approached me and asked if he could speak over the P.A. to his fellow passengers.
We never, never, allow that. But something told me to get out of his way.
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The gentleman picked up the P.A. and reminded everyone about what they had just gone through in the last few days. He reminded them of the hospitality they had received at the hands of total strangers. 
He further stated that he would like to do something in return for the good folks of the town of Lewisporte. He said he was going to set up a trust fund under the name of DELTA 15 (our flight number). The purpose of the trust fund is to provide a scholarship for high school students of Lewisporte to help them go to college. He asked for donations of any amount from his fellow travelers. 
When the paper with donations got back to us, it totaled $14,500.”
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This story clearly demonstrates the power of love in midst of trials… when people rally together, incredible things can happen.  We can all use it as inspiration to follow the kind example of the townspeople and passengers. How can you encompass that attitude today and make our world a better place?

14 Years Ago A Plane Was Diverted To Canada On 9/11. The Story Of What Happened Still Amazes Us Today.

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