Friday, September 18, 2015


BRAUNSCHWEIG. In Braunschweig has occurred on Wednesday evening in a shopping mall to a mass brawl with up to 60 asylum seekers. "Witnesses reported that the parties have gone off partly with broken bottle necks and in one case with an excavated Gehwegplatte successive", police said.
Two men had to be treated their injuries in hospital. About seven young men 19-23 years of age investigations have been initiated for breach of the peace and assault. All are from Somalia. "The accused persons were under the influence of alcohol and were taken finally in police custody." In total there were eight squad cars in use.
In the Lower Saxon town there had been in recent months repeatedly to violence by the inhabitants of the local Landeserstaufnahmestelle. The head of the Brunswick criminal investigation, Ulrich Küch had referred to the increase in crime in the area of asylum home as "dramatic". In addition, women were attacked and broken homes. The police reacted by setting up a special commission against criminal asylum seekers. "We need to protect the population", Küch had justified the step. (ho)

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