Friday, September 18, 2015


Recently MoveOn, an organization close to Obama, accused senators opposed to Iran getting nukes of being traitors. It also attacked the Jewish Schumer by claiming, "We don't need another Lieberman in the Senate." (It might be gratifying if all the liberals calling out Ann Coulter's Tweets were as willing to call out blatant anti-Semitism by one of their own organizations.)
I don't recall Obama condemning MoveOn. Instead he added to the chorus by accusing opponents of being behind the Iraq War.
Obama plays dirty. But that's politics. What's obnoxious is when the media cheers on Obama and the left for ugly tactics and then whines when Scott Walker won't praise Obama and when Trump won't defend Obama.
Since when is it the job of Republicans to defend Obama?
We've thrown out civility and all of the rules a while back. Obama began his campaign with a planted viral video accusing Hillary Clinton of being 1984's Big Brother. Hillary responded by having her people accuse Obama of being a Muslim.
Let's recall that Hillary pal Sidney Blumenthal, who invented the term "vast right-wing conspiracy" was pushing material from conservative sites accusing Obama of the same things that they now find unacceptable.
That kind of stuff doesn't get talked about much. But the media is all outraged because Trump won't interrupt his campaign to defend Obama against charges that he's a Muslim.
That's not Trump's job. It's Obama's job to defend himself against accusations. Maybe if he showed some civility in his political conflicts, he would be entitled to expect some civility from Republicans. But this is the guy whose proxies constantly accuse critics of being racists or traitors or warmongers.
Republicans should make it clear that it's not their job to defend a nasty campaigner like Obama against the hostile atmosphere his political tactics have created. They are here to campaign for themselves and their party.

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