Friday, September 11, 2015


Europe, still animated by the humanitarian values of its Christian civilization, is taking in the “refugees” despite Islamic State jihadists saying they are infiltrating and hiding among the “refugees”. Germany says it will take at least 500,000 asylum seekers per year. Finland is looking at increasing capital gains taxes to offset “higher immigration costs.” The EU has announced plans to impose a quota system aimed at settling 160,000 refugees. (ZeroHedge)
Meanwhile, the 5 richest Arab Gulf states — Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain — refuse to take in even one refugee, citing the risk of terrorism as their reason.

Hungary, however, is saying no to the refugee tidal wave by dispatching its military to patrol the border and using convicts to build a 100-mile border with razor wire.
The New York Times reports, Sept. 11, 2015:
The Hungarian Army was conducting exercises near the border with Serbia on Thursday, a possible prelude to a more active role as thousands of migrants continued to pour into the country overnight.
The involvement of the army in policing the border, where a 110-mile fence with razor wire is being constructed to keep migrants out, is subject to the approval of a bill in Parliament this month.
The number of migrants in the area has shown no sign of abating, and Hungarian military officials have said the army would help secure the country’s borders.
Reuters reports that Hungary expects to finish the 109-mile fence, constructed by prisoners, along its border with Serbia by early October, and indicated it would call a “state of crisis” next week on the migrants and refugees streaming through the Balkans.

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