Sunday, September 27, 2015


The Pope  was sick for many  months and  experts were called in from all  over the  world,  but no one  could  diagnose his illness.  

Finally a Doctor hit upon  the cause.  He told the Pope, "Your Holiness, because you have lived all your  life in a celebate state all your seminal fluids have built up and are choking  you to death.  There is only one cure.  You must 
have sex with a woman."  

The  Pope said , "I can't do that!" 

The doctor said "Well,  if you don't you will condemn  yourself to death and that is a sin."
So  the Pope went to his  room and prayed  and came out with a decision. "I will  have  sex  with  a  woman but she must meet four requirements. 
The pope says that the woman musta be blind so that she cannot see what is 
happening.  She musta also be deaf so that she will not hear the sounds of this deed.  Third, she must be mute so she cannot tell of this activity." (the pope pauses) 

"And the forth requirement?", asks the doctor.  

To which the pope replies, 'she gotta hava da bigga  tits! I MEANA DA BIGGA TITS!!!!'.

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