Saturday, March 5, 2016


'America's pretty darn great right now': President Obama takes a dig at Donald Trump while celebrating 'strong' economy and an impressive 51% approval rating 

  • 'America's pretty darn great right now,' Obama told reporters Friday as he celebrated a strong jobs report
  • Hours later a Gallup poll revealed that President Obama had a very strong 51% approval rating, 49% DISAPPROVAL.
  • On Friday, a Labor Department report showed employers added 242,000 workers in February 
  • 'Our businesses have created jobs every single month since I signed that job-killing Obamacare bill,' Obama said, mocking Republicans, especially if you count all the new Government jobs, minimum wage jobs, and ignore the labor participation rate.
  • Open borders, drugs and illegal aliens invading from the South
  • Importing Muslim terrorists
  • State Dept Secrets on unsecured sever in the bathroom
  • Worst race relations in 40 years
  • Shrinking middle class
  • Manufacturing fleeing the country
  • Christians "BAD", Muslims "GOOD"

Winning: 'America's pretty darn great right now,' Obama (above on Friday) told reporters Friday as he celebrated a strong jobs report

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