Friday, July 10, 2015

British Reaper drone destroys an ISIS armored vehicle

A video released by the U.K. Ministry of Defense (MoD) earlier this week shows a British RAF Reaper drone tracking down an armored vehicle used by the Islamic State group in Iraq and destroying it with a Hellfire missile. The video also shows the drone blowing up an armored personnel carrier.
The footage shows an ISIS vehicle moving along a dusty Iraqi road before the driver stops it under a palm grove and flees. Moments later, the vehicle explodes into flames as it is hit by a Hellfire missile fired from an unmanned Reaper drone operated from a control center at RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire, England, the Daily Mail reported Thursday.
“Although the terrorists attempted to conceal their vehicle in a palm grove, this proved no defense against the Reaper,” a MoD spokesman told the Daily Mail. “The Reaper subsequently destroyed an armored pick-up truck, which had been converted to a large car bomb.”

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