Sunday, July 5, 2015


From article written by Noreen O'Brien on July 5, 2015

This weekend we commemorate the 4th. Of July. It is the day we celebrate our independence from tyranny as one nation.
The battle was hard fought but Americans persevered, because freedom was something those long dead men knew would mean something for generations to come.
Freedom was an inheritance earned in blood forged by the will of God.
Sadly today many people have no idea why we celebrate the 4th.
Lately my mind often wanders to the thought of another revolution. A revolution against the men and women who seek to impose their own type of tyranny against their fellow countrymen.
A tyranny that has eaten slowly away at the fabric of our liberties. Like flea bites.
Little by little, year by year so that the change is barely noticeable, until we find ourselves goose stepping alongside evil in a country Thomas Jefferson would hardly recognize.
Today special rights not granted by our Constitution require a complete and total act of devotion. No opinions, no questions please. In liberal America today’s rulings are nothing short of fascism.
These special rights for only special Americans are a bitter pill force fed to us by the Godless, selfish totalitarians who care nothing for the rights of Christian Americans, the continuing backbone of our country.
Only the favored or trendy have rights, the rest of us are immigrants in our own land.
As a young girl, Anne Frank understood the reasons behind anti-Semitism. She knew instinctively that it was the ethics and values of the Jewish religion that people found so threatening. The same ethics and values passed on to Christians through Jesus Christ.
Today in America and all over the world, Christians are starting to experience the same prejudices as the Jews in Nazi Germany. It may not seem quite as bad yet, but it started the same way!


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