Thursday, September 3, 2015


I was just reading a post about how dumb we Europeans are to let the refugees into our countries. I think my answer should be public!
1. If we (mainly we Germans) would say no, the rest of the world would be very fast to call us Nazis and remind us of WWII, Hitler and Jewish people.
2. Did you ever think about, that it could happen to anyone, to be forced to leave your country and the country you want to enter says: No thanks, you have the wrong religion, you are white and not at all like what we are used to !?

Weren't the Nazis the ones that rounded 12-15 million people up and executed them? That's not quite the same as controlling who enters your country- especially if it is contrived invasion. Also, if it's your nation, shouldn't you stay and defend it against invaders or enemies instead of leaving it? Can one be forced to leave their country? Many countries are now stating that anyone wishing to come there must have the intention to assimilate and not to expect the nation to change to suit their will. Why aren't all the rich Arabs and Muslims helping their own?


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