Monday, September 7, 2015



‘Black Lives Matter’ is controversial,” 
opines regular CNN guest Marc Lamont Hill. The obvious response to this is that the group wasn’t particularly controversial until they started demanding “dead cops…now” and, soon after, got plenty. Last weekend, the allegedly uncontroversial #BlackLivesMatter doubled down with “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” a couple of days before a manhunt began for the murder of a Chicago cop.
Black Lives Matter isn’t about defending a group of innocent people of color. It’s a hate group that incites murder, and it’s successful because its view of society explains black failure. The black-failure/white-guilt paradigm is the gasoline that fuels the #BlackLivesMatter machine. Instead of blacks taking responsibility for their actions, we pretend they’re doing badly because we keep ruining their lives. This is more about Black Lies Matter than anything else, and the trouble with lies is you need to weave in more and more as the web gets more tangled. The “dead cops” chant has been explained away as a fringe group. The “pigs in a blanket” chant was a “playful” joke. Cops who die in the line of duty chose that line of work. When the millions of black-on-black murders come up, we’re told this handful of police-brutality cases is more important because we’re supposed to trust cops. When confronted with the fact that Mike Brown didn’t have his hands up, we’re told it’s a springboard that showcases real police brutality (I heard the same excuses for Tawana Brawley). If they don’t have a way around the facts, they scream racism. If it’s a black guy telling the truth, they’ll call him an Uncle Tom who is “whitesplaining” (a dis that Hill appears to find amusing).

In the late ’80s, many blacks still called this violence “Self Destruction.” They started a Stop the Violence campaign where rappers such as Chuck D demanded we “Keep ourselves in check.” Today, the solution is “Oink Oink Bang Bang.” Actually, it’s worse than that. The Black Panthers have extended this call to “Kill [all] white people,” and judging by recent crime stats, it’s working. On Monday, we learned of a black teen who stabbed a mentally disabled white man to death. That same day, we learned of three more black teens arrested for shooting a white father to death during a robbery. Also that same day, it was reported that a black cook stabbed a white man speaking Portuguese because he thought the victim was disrespecting him (it’s amazing how often that motive comes up). The day before, it came out that a black man had stabbed and sexually assaulted a white woman during a home invasion. Also on Sunday, it was announced that Philadelphia officer Marc Hanly would be returning from the hospital after a black man shot him in the chest. That’s just two days in America, and there are no parades or even hashtags for these victims. If the machine doesn’t take black-failure/white-guilt gas, it doesn’t run.

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