Monday, September 7, 2015


ISIS has so effectively crushed the politically correct myths about Islam that the establishment has been sent reeling into deeper levels of denial. Politicians throw tantrums and refuse to call the Islamic State by its name. They insist that it’s a group of psychotic nihilists that have nothing to do with Islam. And yet Muslims around the world have flocked to its black banner. They claim that admitting the truth about ISIS aids the terrorists and that the only way to defeat the Islamic State is through vigorous denials. 
While they huddle behind their flimsy shelters of lies, once again, our invaluable guide steps into the breach with another book, exposing the myths about ISIS and revealing what its existence means for Islam and a besieged free world. 
While Obama, Kerry and Cameron insist that ISIS is something unique and deviant with no basis in Islam, Robert Spencer details its links to Islamic theology using the words and writings of its own leaders. But more importantly he brings out the Islamic subtext that serves as the background grammar for all the terror group’s tactical and philosophical discussions to demonstrate that not only is ISIS not “un-Islamic,” but its entire worldview is thoroughly saturated with Islamic theology.
There would be no ISIS without Islam.
Contrary to the claims that ISIS is hijacking Islam, the Islamic State is actually trying to realize it. The frame of reference of its leaders is the Koran. Their geopolitics is neither the modern frame of conservatives nor the post-modern one of liberals, but a retroactive mythical history of the Koran. 
ISIS is not hijacking the Koran. It is living the Koran. When it beheads, enslaves and conquers, it is following Mohammed’s mandate. Its level of brutality is only unprecedented in our time, but not in the historical space in which Islam originated which the Islamic State is striving to recreate.
Obama has tossed aside the study of the roots of Islamic violence for the promotion of appeasement toward what some call “political Islam”. A generation of law enforcement and military personnel is being left deliberately ignorant of the nature of the enemy and how its leaders and operatives plan and think. They are told that the answer lies not in understanding ISIS, but in collaborating with the Muslim Brotherhood. 
Like death and taxes, Islamic terrorism has become a part of our lives. Ever since September 11, its presence has been inescapable.


"The Complete Infidel's Guide to ISIS" reveals what the West is really up against.


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