Tuesday, November 10, 2015


November 2015 may well prove a tipping point in the college campus descent into politically correct chaos.

Yesterday, I described the rise of emotionally incontinent, Maoist-style mobs at Yale, screeching at a professor who refused to apologise over… something to do with Halloween costumes. Now we learn that a football team at the University of Missouri has taken the unprecedented step of boycotting future games until their concerns about alleged campus racism are addressed, and the university president has resigned over his supposed “white privilege.” There’s even a hunger strike involved.
Unlike Yale, where outrage was generated over dressing-up boxes, students at the University of Missouri have alleged that more serious incidents took place. The African-American student government president claims that in September, he was on the receiving end of racial slurs from people driving a passing pick-up truck.
Other black students have also reported racial slurs, and, more recently, a “poop swastika” was found smeared across a campus bathroom. The swastika thing is just an allegation, of course — and anonymous swastikas on campus do have an unfortunate history of turning out to be hoaxes.
There have been a lot of campus hoaxes involving black students, of course – though for the sake of politeness you’re not supposed to say so. Normally it involves students who have been ginned up by race hustlers. The most notorious case involved fake rape allegations from Tawana Brawley. What’s remarkable about Missouri is that mere allegations have been enough to topple a college leader.
You see, when you start telling students that their feelings and their “lived experience” is more important than facts, it follows that they will consider their own aggravated sense of personal victimhood sufficient grounds for the resignation of college staff.
Some of the alleged racial incidents at Missouri occurred with multiple witnesses. The students at Missouri, in other words, may have legitimate concerns. Yet for unknown reasons they have opted for the same kind of frenzied, ideological distress-signalling seen at Yale. The campus radicals of the 1960s gave birth to these monsters; now the chickens are coming home to roost.

Berkeley High School students were offered an opportunity to cut classes when a thought criminal wrote something racist:
At least 2,000 of Berkeley High School students walked out of class Thursday in protest of a racist message left on a computer screen a day earlier, district officials said.
The message referred to the Ku Klux Klan, using derogatory language related to African Americans and threatening a “public lynching” on Dec. 9.
The message was discovered Wednesday afternoon. Principal Sam Pasarow said in an email to the school community late Wednesday that the school is giving the investigation the “utmost attention,” and it has filed a report with Berkeley Police Department. …
District spokesman Marc Coplan told the San Francisco Chronicle (http://sfg.ly/1WzK6vS) that an estimated 2,000 of the school’s 3,000 students had left school grounds to participate in a march, which moved to the University of California, Berkeley campus late Thursday morning.
“We really understand the students’ pain, their anguish and their fear and are doing everything we can to work with Berkeley police and other agencies to figure out what happened,” Coplan told the newspaper. “Our students are hurting tremendously. They’re weeping. They’re crying.”
The massive investigation soon found the evildoer, who was surely due for draconian punishment. But then nothing happened. The media won’t tell us who the culprit is. No punishment appears to be forthcoming. The frenetically angry school protestors have gone silent. As an LA Slimes article blubbered over the hurtfulness of racism, a reader zeroed in on the most likely explanation:
This reeks of a hoax perpetrated by a black kid. Why else would they not be sure if there will be charges or not? Why else would they already be sure that the kid had no intention of carrying anything out? There is no other reasonable conclusion.
We’ve seen this show many times before. Yet the hate hoax tactic still works.
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