Monday, November 16, 2015


A homeless dog has more humanity than human beings.
Katherine reports for LifeWithDogs, Nov. 4, 2015, that a stray female dog is being called an “angel sent from the heavens” after the homeless creature saved the life of a newborn baby boy.
While rummaging in a garbage dump in Campinas, Brazil, the hungry dog found the newborn boy with his umbilical cord still attached. As seen in the photo below, the dog gently carried the baby in her mouth to a house near the dump.
homeless dog saves newborn from garbage dump
The humans in the house rushed the baby to the nearest hospital. Doctors found the baby unharmed by the canine heroine and in good condition.
Local residents are in disbelief that a mother would throw away her baby to die in a garbage dump. Authorities are now looking for her.
Thanks to this gentle stray dog, the baby boy is alive today.

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