Monday, November 16, 2015

German Girls Molested at Refugees Welcome Event

This emblematic incident will be less hilarious when German woman are caught in less public venues by the Muslim invaders. Instead of receiving contemptuous pawing they will be raped, beaten, and in some cases killed.
Destined to learn the hard way.

Muslims Molest German Girls at Refugees Welcome Bonn Event

Even now there are moonbats clueless enough to support the invasion of Europe by many hundreds of thousands of fighting age Muslim men posing as refugees who are openly hostile to Western Civilization, and who regard non-Muslim women as fair game to be raped. Some of these useful idiots are female. If ever women could be said to be asking for it…
The ‘Refugees Welcome’ movement in the former West German capital Bonn attempted to hold a welcome-wagon type event in order for the community to mix with the new -mostly Muslim- arrivals last weekend… what could possibly go wrong?
Insanely-horny-with-no-sense-of-shame-or-dignity Muslim men could go after all the yummy German girls who showed up with colorful smiley-face banners, for one… and of course they did.
Where the husbands and fathers were hiding while all this was going-on is anybody’s guess, but of course it’s just a cultural misunderstanding, right?
The event organizers ‘made announcements’ over the PA to ‘stop this behavior’ at once, but that was ‘not successful’ (sounds like they took a page from Obama’s foreign policy).
Refugees Welcome Bonn issued an awkward statement acknowledging that the so-called refugees “molested, touched and harassed women.” It includes this gem:
Single men, who do not know how to behave, exist in every country and society as well as patriarchal structures which come to light through such behavior.
The “everybody does it” argument comes to the rescue of progressives once again.
So the behavior of Muslims isn’t due to Islam; it is the fault of “patriarchal structures.” Oddly the patriarchal structure that prevailed in Germany for centuries prior to Mutti Merkel rarely resulted in this sort of beastliness, which can be expected when Muslims from the Third World come in contact with white women.

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