Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Here Are 10 Alabama Trails To Hike This Summer

Many state parks here in Alabama have some of the best hiking trails around. Sure, we may not have mountains like those in Colorado or canyons like those in Arizona, but what we do have is a variety of beautiful scenery and wildlife. If you enjoy hiking, here are 10 trails you should definitely check out this summer.

DeSoto Scout Trail, located in Fort Payne, is a 16 mile scenic trail that follows the West Fork of Little River. This trail starts at Comer Scout Reservation, goes through the DeSoto State Park, and finally ends at the Little River Canyon National Preserve. Because of all the rocky points, this is a great trail to break in those new hiking boots!

Located in Oak Mountain State Park, this trail offers all types of variety, such as scenic overlooks and rocky hills. At 17 miles long, Red Trail is the longest trail in the park. SEE THE REST HERE

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