Monday, May 4, 2015


What is taking place in Baltimore is about black racism. What continues to be described as white racism is most often the projection of black racism onto white people. It’s an unacknowledged tribal conflict in which millions of black people remain certain that they are being shut out by white people no matter how much affirmative action or special privileges are thrown their way. Their tribalism leads them to apply racial readings to everything from crime cases, like O.J. Simpson to Michael Brown, right up to criticism of Barack Obama. They project their own tribal prejudices onto white people and use them to confirm their worldview. These prejudices are reinforced by the left which assures them that white supremacism, at whatever quantum micro-institutional level, still defines their lives.
There is no hope for race relations except in an end to black racism. White people have done their part. The only way that the black community can ever learn to heal itself is by rejecting racism and taking responsibility for what is good and bad in its neighborhoods. The white devil exists in the heads of black people. If they cannot break their dependency on him, then they will never be free. FRONTPAGE ARTICLE

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