Friday, October 16, 2015


School Forced Kids Into FOUL Tasks On Field Trip To Muslim Refugee Center

A group of school kids got a lot more than they bargained for on what was supposed to be an educational field trip, when they spent the day stuck with hoards of Muslim migrants. They were forced into doing foul tasks for hours that ultimately backfired on the school after parents found out.
With little notice, parents were told that their child would be spending the day at an asylum center in L├╝beck, Germany, hanging out with all the refugees pent-up there with no place to go, after recently being dumped in the country. What could possibly go wrong when you place a big group of little German school children in a shelter full of savages?
Well, considering the assignments the school had in store for the kids that day, the refugees had it made, while the kids got a sickening lesson some parents were incensed about. That is to say, other parents seemed to be okay with it, which adds to the issue.
According to RT, the purpose of the trip was to spend the day doing things for the filthy migrants that they should be doing for themselves, but are evidently too entitled for such tasks. Children were required to clean the refugee center, change bed sheets, and cook the refugees’ meals for them. Essentially, they were servants for the day.
One of several filthy refugee centers trashed by migrants
Cleaning the centers and touching their soiled sheets was more than simple tidying up, considering that refugees have been urinating on the floor and on women in there, asreported by Pamela Geller. The urine is only part of the foul conditions these heathens have created. The living quarters are filled with trash, clothing, personal belongs, and just about anything that could be carelessly tossed aside. Someone had to clean it up, and administrators at the school thought their eighth-graders were the perfect pick for the job. READ THE WHOLE STORY

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