Wednesday, October 21, 2015


ATLANTIC CITY — Facebook isn't always your friend, an Atlantic City man has learned.
Ibn Hunter, 25, was arrested Monday morning after video posted on Facebook showed a woman being knocked unconscious in the city's Browns Park.
The 45-year-old homeless woman is hospitalized with a serious head injury, and Hunter is in jail on $100,000 bail.
The video shows a man standing up yelling at a woman sitting down in the city’s Browns Park.
“I ain’t gonna do what?” he can be heard asking the woman. “I ain’t gonna grab you? I ain’t gonna do what?”
“She said you ain’t gonna smack her dog,” a woman off camera is heard yelling.
The man then looks at the camera, pulls back his right arm and smacks the woman, whose identity is not being released.
“Bing!” yells whoever is taking the video as the attacker makes contact.
The woman then falls backward.
"It's over!" yells the man behind the camera, laughing.
The attacker then looks right into the camera: “This (expletive) got (expletive) up saying I’m not gonna smack her.”
The camera then pans over to the woman, who appears unconscious with a mark on her left eye. The attacker is then heard saying, “So any of you (expletives) talking that stupid shit is getting smacked and knocked the (expletive) out like that. I ain’t playin’.”
The video was originally shared on Facebook at 1:14 p.m. Saturday, posted under the name Bdsb BroadDay. The user then shared the video to his own timeline at least a dozen more times over the hours, most recently at about 2 Monday morning.
A screenshot of the attacker's face and link to the video was seen by police on Saturday. Detective Neil Kane showed the photo to people at the Atlantic City Rescue Mission, who said the woman was in the hospital, Campbell said. It is unclear how she got there.
A warrant was then issued charging Hunter with aggravated assault.

Just before 9 a.m. Monday, Officer Brian Shapiro recognized Hunter at Kentucky and Arctic avenues, and the suspect was arrested. He has not yet been processed at the Atlantic County Justice Facility. SEE THE REST HERE

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