Tuesday, October 27, 2015


The latest wave of violence from the Religion of Peace would have taken more lives if not for law-abiding Israeli citizens carrying guns:
Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu made a controversial call earlier this month for citizens who legally own firearms to bring them to the streets to increase security amid the wave of stabbings.
“The responsible civilian population — in the framework of the rule of law — has a part to play,” Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev said in an interview with CNN Oct. 15. “We’ve urged Israelis to be vigilant. … Having the civilian population work closely with law enforcement is one of the keys in defeating this threat.”
The current “wave of terror” where Palestinians attack Israeli citizens has taken at least 10 lives, but the death toll might very well have been higher if it wasn’t for armed civilians.
Attackers are much more likely to die because civilians have armed themselves in recent weeks. Fatalities among Palestinians more than double that of stabbing victims during October.
Naturally “human rights” organizations, which reflexively side with the bad guys, squealed like stuck pigs.
Amnesty International and The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories were quick to condemn the idea.
However, Netanyahu’s policy of empowering the individual by acknowledging the natural right of self-defense is working well:
So far, the only reported instance of a person getting killed by accident was from a police officer who shot an Eritrean refugee he believed was a second attacker during a shooting that killed an Israeli soldier.
Instances that revolve around civilians have instead mainly been self-defense, in which twoseparate cases have seen civilians take down stabbers attempting to attack them.
In total, at least 10 civilians and 28 attackers have died during the “wave of terror,” according to The New York Times.
No wonder Europeans, who have been placed in the same boat as Israel by the quislings allowing the ongoing invasion by Muslim “refugees,” wish they had guns too.

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