Monday, October 19, 2015


Catching Up With “Traumatized” Clock Kid Ahmed Mohamed

Do you remember Ahmed Mohamed? The 14-year-old who took the insides of an digital clock and put it in a briefcase for some reason, and was credited with inventing a new device to keep time? (Sort of like serving coffee in a wine glass and saying you’ve invented a new form of drinkable caffeine.)
He was briefly (and unfairly) detained more than a month ago because his clock looked like a bomb. Now President Obama is scheduled to make good on his invite for Ahmed to visit the White House, as Astronomy Night on Monday is likely the big culmination in the whirlwind post-bomb-looking-clock tour.
Ahmed is a kid, and there are some legitimate questions about whether he’s being put forward and controlled in some way by his parents and family. This is not a criticism of Ahmed — the bright, excited young kid — but instead of the narrative that is being pushed surrounding him.
So what’s the narrative? Well, let’s catch up with Ahmed.
  • Shortly after the brief arrest, Ahmed’s family pulled him out of school, and retained legal counsel. Because of “religious persecution,” they decided to home-school Ahmed, and their lawyers noted that Ahmed “has been severely traumatized.” Not just traumatized, but severelytraumatized.
  • Then Ahmed began a media tour. First, on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. There, he described the arrest that severely traumatized him as “kind of cool.”  CATCH THE REST HERE

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