Monday, October 5, 2015

Woman sits dead for hours in Hong Kong McDonald's

By AFP     9 hours ago in World
A homeless woman lay dead at a Hong Kong McDonald's restaurant for hours surrounded by diners who failed to notice her, sparking concern over the city's "McRefugees".
The woman, who police say was between 50 and 60, was found dead Saturday morning and has been held up as an example of the growing number of homeless people who seek shelter in 24-hour restaurants.
"Officers arrived upon a report from a female customer (that a person was found to have fainted)," police said in a statement.
"The subject was certified dead at the scene."
Local media said the woman was slumped at a table, 24 hours after she first entered the restaurant in the working class district of Ping Shek.
She had not moved for seven hours before fellow diners noticed something was wrong, according to Apple Daily, citing CCTV footage.
The woman was thought to have regularly spent nights in the McDonald's, the South China Morning Post said.

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