Thursday, October 29, 2015

The One Piece of Marriage Advice

The One Piece of Marriage Advice My Dad Gave Me Before I Said ‘I Do’

It was right before my wedding, and seemingly out of nowhere my dad turned to me and said:
“I have one thing I want to tell you about marriage, and if you listen to this advice, you won’t need much more. Spend 20 minutes of every day focused on each other. No matter how busy your day is, you have to find the time to intentionally focus on one other.”
I thought for a second, but it made immediate sense to me.
I’d already seen how busy weeks made us miss each other, even if we’d technically been sharing the same space. How sometimes, we’d get into bed after a really long day and for the first time in hours, look at each other with no screens or stresses, plans or pretenses, questions or expectations between us. How in those moments we’d really see each other and say “hi!” — totally realizing we’d been disconnected for hours. And how too many of those days strung together made me feel a little incomplete.   Article By 

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